Elepant's tale Elepant's Tale

Once apond a time there was a princess. Yes she was as lovey as any princess should be, long curly golden hair. Deep blue eyes, fair pale skin, rosy cheeks and lips as red as the rose in the summer. But one thing about this princess was she had a huge, enomus mean strick in her. She found pleasure in pain, comfert in gore and love in fighting. She was your worst nightmare. One day, while out on the rode for a stroll, she accidenlt, (yeah right) pulled a pin out of a old womans set up shop in the market and it fell on top of her, breaking all the pottery and smashing her fruits that she sold. The princess, she just gave a harty laugh! She walked on.

Later that night the old woman was still fuming and wanted to get back at teh princess with out getting her self in trouble. Knowing of the princess vain side she cursed a charmed necklaced and sent it to her. The woman gave off a made cackle tehn started to make more pottery, cackling spinning the wheel.

Later that night the princess was given the necklace, in a hunry to try on this pieces of jerwely she, kicked the man who brought it in and shut the door on his foot. She smiled as swetly as she could, looking at her self in the huge mirror in her room.

Oh my, well, i must send a thank you card to who ever send this little bit of treasure! she exclaimed in a false joyness and sweetness. She laughed heartly at her self and wiped a tear from laughing out of her eyes, I crack myself up sometimes. Look at you , your a knock out. She smiled and started to take the necklace off, but it would not come off. Slowly unaware to her she started to gain weight, her fair beautiful skin started to turn a grays color and become very rough. Her eyes crossed as she saw a truck start to grow from her nose. She started to scream out. But thinking to be one of her fits it was ignored. Her fancy dress ripped as the huge grey form come forth, her arms and legs greyof golden blond hair at the end. Her nose stoped growing as the was almost ot her feet. She was a full ,large, huge, ugly, grey elepant, when men came storming in they found a huge. her hand connected into a solied mass as well as her feet. The wonderful golden blond hair she had start to fall out. My hairr!!!! my hairr!!!! she squelled as her voice was turned in to a scrill call. She was not almost as big at her bed, as she grew still. She lost her hair, and beauty faded into the face of a elepent. A small tal grew wiht the a tuff

elepant holding a small mirror by its truck looking at its face. And the only way to break this spell was by loves first kiss. But who wants to lock lips with a elepant, even a vain one?