The Fox

The young girl sat cring on her bed. She was afriad of what was to come of her. Over the horizen a full moon slowly rose over the topes of the trees, its glow racing to touch her house. She cried in her raised knees, fearing it. In the past this has happened many of times. Yet she still tembles at a quarter moon, knowthing that in a few days it curse will review an take over her body. Slowly her dark room start to show the light of moon, slowly it reached the floor, coving it in the shimmery pale glow. Over the floor to the bed, she tried to scoot away but failed, the light of moon touched her.

A buring sensetion shook the girl’s body. She clienched her shut, blocking the tears, holding her tounge not to cry out and wake up the rest of the house hold. She lay on her side on the bed, waiting for the transformation to be over. Her eyes cloesd tightly, knowing what is going on. The girls frame started to shrink. The clothes that she wore became baggy, her shirt almost falling from her. A organge coat emergen from her skin, she cringed. Her body was soon covered by a fine, soft coat of fur, good thing too as her cloths started to become to big for her to the point that she nuzzeled in ot it. Then, she cried out, almost blood curling scream that slowly changed to a howl. A tail, a long fluffy orage and black tail sportted from her back, the last of her human tears feel down her furry face as a black mask covered her eyes of deep green, making them show out more. Slowly her nose turned upward and became cold and soft, as long as black. The bottom of her jaw started to change as well as her neck. The jaw juedded out some creating a muzzel, she snarled at teh pain in her body, white sharp teeth showing. The girls shoulder had shortend and flatens a bit going more upward on the blade. much more muscel showed in her arm as the shortened and her elbow jolted out some. This happened to both of her arms. Her legs on the other hand where differnt. Her legs shorted the mucsel rippling under her shiny coat. Her hind leg came out a muscel back. Her fingers started to connect to one another. The knuckle came up and her nail grew long and hard. The oragne fur around her hands started to turn black making it look like she wore black gloves on her hands. Her feet became smaller, conecting making a paw. Slowly on wobbly paws she stood up. The Fox jumped from the bed to the floor in one bound. Then to a window where it was easly opened and jumped out into the night cold welcome. The young girl would be stuck like this till dawn, so she might as well make the best out of it. No use to just staing in the room and have even more fear of getting caught. She ran down a familar pass, that lead her in the woods behind her house. After going under a fence she was now in the parks area. This park was very huge, it was full of trails and bike paths. She knew alot by heart. But every now and then she would find a new one and go to explore. This night was no differnt. She was going up a path, one of the main one’s that was litted by light that were strun in the trees. As she walked up, enjoying the nights air she saw a small path that was almsot hidden in the brush, unknow to most human eyes, only to the animales. She followed the path, curiostiy always got the cat. That was one animal that she was glad she didn’t turn into. She might have been dead by now. She couldnt help but to smile. The path was hidden well, slowled down and started to walk, it seemed like for ever she walked, just as she was a bout to turn a soft nosie came to her ears. The fox turned to listen. IT was a soft voice, cloued by what sounded like tears, sobbing. She started to go toward teh vocie. Slowly it be came louder. It was the voice of a child. She got closer not wanting to scare the child. Hidding under a rather large leave she looked out. It was a little girl, she was cring her little heart out. Holding on to a plush rabbit.

“Moommy.. mooommy daddy...” she cried out, She cried loudly, tears stricking her pretty face that had sploches of dirt on it. Her blond hair was tied back into two french braids that where becoem wild with strains. Buring her head in the bunny, she cried, then called for her mommy again. The fox’s heart lurged out for the girl, stucked by this she slwoly clamly came out to the girl, the girl looked up startled some, fear coming over her, Her ears were perk and listing, The fox looked to the girl, in return over her arm the girl looked in to the green eyes of fox, and found a comfert there, slowly the fox came near and nuzzeled agaisnt the girl, showing a affection to calm the girl down. It would, she smiled throught the strecked face and with a trembling hand petted the fox. The young child hugged the fox, her fur brushing against her cheek. The girl became calm, that after a while, she fell asleep. The fox looked to the girl and wondered why she could look herself, then she look up. This young child got lost on one of the trails she slipped and feel a bit down. Her ankle was twisted. The fox jumped up the hill, her parents cant be to far. She ran listing for any sounds. A flashligh pierced the nights darkness to show a family, searching in the woods at night for soemthing. Severly beams then showed. The fox ran to where they where... the mother was so sad looking, tears where on her face too, just like the girl. Her mom, the foxes heart raced she had to get them to fall them but how. She slowly went out to them, her eyes shining green in the light. The stopped , looking at her. Some one started to pull a gun out, she walked a bit further. The fox started to nod her head wanting them to follow. Even when the gun is pulled at her, she still there tring to get them to fallow. In the girls mind tarpped in teh fox she screaming her luncgs out. IN the dirt she makes a arrow. They all gasp.

“It.. want us to follow.” the man holding the grieveing woman said. The fox ears perked up. she turned and slowly walked off, the man started to follow. Then the rest, the fox went a bit fast, they where still there. Following a fox. Then be for they to fell the fox stopped. The dad walked and look down. “Sunny come look!”

“Annie..?” the woman said as she look over. there was the little girl sleeping she slowly woke uo and heard them calling, the father jumped down to her and gently scooped his daughter in his arms, seeing her ankle. “Oh Annie!!” the mother called going down to see her to, the little girl hugged her two parents.

“Moommy!! Mommy!! Daddy daddy!!!” she squilled. Then they where left alone. the fox was gone, the moon set. The night was almost over. The girl feared she staied out to long and ran back to her house. and jumped into the window and snuggled in her bed and fell asleep.

The next day on the news, there was a report on how a fox help save a small girls life. The young woman smiled to her self as she picked a leave from her hair