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As told on the main page this is going to be a little insight on what going on in my mind. Good Luck.


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My name is Kaitlin, Just that and none more, the closer ones in life know more.

I am at the age of 18. Woohoo. IT means not that much to me. I have started college. It's kind of scary in a round about sort of way. I plan on going into Teaching. I feel this world needs more teachers and that I can do good. Heh, that is if theatre and English are worth the having in the school.

Me, my self and I, is a single white female, whoops started to sing there. darn country. That is what I get for living in east Texas. Howdy Ya'll.

My art comes from my head. Its funny how I draw. Sometimes they are sad.. trust me I am not sad it's just the drawing. I like to put in action and great emotions.

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is me, hard at work on my computer.