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Welcome to my very own lil zine!

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There are many types of zine's out there. Who know there may be one like this one out there this very moment. Scary.

In this zine, BlueMoon Zine I will show some of my art work, both from the hand and the mouse. Also there will be some short and long stories that I will place on here. Like every other site I'll be updating frequently, so check back as often as you can!

I am having a artist of the month contest. Please see Contact Me page for the info on the contest and the monthly artist page for the lastest artist of the month and the piece of art work that will be what the contest is made of.

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Table of Contents
July 2001

Articles: This will have the short stories and as well as the long ones.

Editorial: This small section is going to tell alittle about me.

Monthly Artist: I am going to showcase one artist a month through a contest on the arts. So come one, come all!!

Gallery: This is my art work, as well as a piece from each artist of the month later on.

Contact Me: This page will have my E-mail and a lil oh note.

Links: I dont know why you want to leave but go ahead. This is the only way out.

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