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Here is where I will feature a artist that I feel needs to be known. The text in ( ) are my own comments!


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Name: Charisse M. Hilchey

Birthday: Oct. 1,1982

Birthplace: Longview

Sign: Libra (my is the Stop sign, but no really..)

Planet: Venus (so that is why she's a guy magnet..)

Nicknames: C-Chan, Reese's Pieces, Car-grease, cheesy, Hilchey, Blonde Aggie you have to live in texas to get that one.., Charry, Char, Little Washuu.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: How dare you!!! (^_^;;)

Eye Color: Changes with my moods. (yikes, stand back peoples!! ^_^ )

Hair Color: Dirty Blond.

Fav Food(s): Ramen (we are cheap eatters)

Lest Fav. Food: Broccoli

Subject: Art or Computer Class (dude, me too)

Yucky: Any Math! (right on)

Fav Color: Black (theatre color right on again)

Lest Fav Color: Anything bright!

Languages: English, Texan ( yes it is a language), Spanish,Japanese,Italian,German, a little Latin, small amount of Russian, and French. (whew..)

Pets: 2 dogs and 1 pregant one, 1 cocatiel, 3 horses, 2 betas, 1 aligator snapping turtle named Killer because it ate my 7 goldfish. (dang...)

Why do you draw??: I am a teenager, angsty, moody, and artistic what else am I supposed to do? (true.. true)

Quote: "Anata Baka Desu Ka?" (What did you call me?)

Once again, I tell you about this art contest. There are many many artist out there that don't get noticed that want to be noticed. This is a chance to be noticed.

Please check out the CONTACT ME page if you want to join!!!

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